Seminar Plan(2016)

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Date Speaker Title
2016.12.14 Ju, Mengting
2016.12.14 Li, Lu Fitting isochrones to open cluster photometric data pdf
2016.11.30 Feng, Shuai
2016.11.17 Shiyin Shen
2016.11.09 Jian Fu The view of HI gas size-mass relation in semi-analytic models of galaxy formation
2016.11.02 年會
2016.10.26 Lin, Chien-Cheng Observing Proposals
2016.10.19 Feng, Shuai Polar Ring Galaxy in long-slit spectroscopy
2016.10.12 Students Thesis opening/progress reports 李林林,张燕琼,居梦婷,李露,杨丽,郑云亮
2016.08.31 Ju, Mengting 光谱简单处理 spectral analysis
2016.08.17 Zheng, Yunliang Compact Groups in Main Galaxy Sample(DR7 data products)
2016.08.10 Yang, Li Data Reduction of Spectroscopy with IRAF
2016.07.27 Li, Lu A new method to study the properties of open clusters
2016.07.20 Zhang, Chaoli An introduction to MCMC
2016.03.02 Lin, Chien-Cheng Updates on Searching for Be Stars in LAMOST data
2016.01.27 Liu, Cheng The nature of stars with common origin: clues from metallicity, elemental abundances, and kinematics