Seminar Plan(2014-2015)

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Date Speaker Title
2014.09.03 Lin, Chien-Cheng Searching for and Characterization of Galactic Open Clusters toward the Galactic Anti-Center with Pan-STARRS1
2014.09.10 Lee, Duane A next-generation program for chemical enrichment evolution of dwarf satellite galaxy models
OF THE EVOLVED population OF THE OLD OPEN CLUSTER NGC6791 (ref.arXiv:1408.3117)
2014.09.24 Mamen Argudo Characterisation of an Isolated Galaxy Sample and the Influence of the Environment
2014.10.01 National Day none
2014.10.08 National Day none
2014.10.15 Li, Linlin Star Count Method to Study Galactic Structure
2014.10.22 Molloy, Matthew (KIAA) Resonant Clumping and Substructure in Galaxy Disks
2014.10.29 Annual Meeting of Astronomy none
2014.11.05 No Meeting none
2014.11.12 Li, Jiangtao Circum-galactic Medium Around Local Spiral Galaxies -- A New Window to Understand Galaxy Evolution
2014.11.19 No Meeting none
2014.11.26 Shen, Shiyin The galaxy pairs
2014.12.03 Conference in Barcelona The Milky Way Unravelled. The GREAT-ITN Closing Conference
2014.12.10 Shao, Zhengyi Mixture-model of open clusters and the contemplation of LAMOST
2014.12.17 Liu, Chengze UCD in the Virgo Cluster
2014.12.24 Christmas Day none
2014.12.31 New Year's Day none
2015.02.11 Winter Holiday
2015.03.04 Jing, Zhong/ Xiaoying, Pang Discussions on NSFC application
2015.03.05 Fu, Jian/ Liu, Chengze Discussions on NSFC application
2015.03.11 Shiyin, Shen Discussions on NSFC application
2015.03.25 Meeting in Xiamen none
2015.04.02 Boeche, Corrado SP_Ace: a new code to derive stellar parameters and chemical abundances from stellar spectra
2015.04.08 Yuan, Fang-Ting Exploring Star formation properties of mergers using multiwavelength data
2015.04.15 Lin, Chien-Cheng Newly Discovered B-type Emission Stars in the LAMOST DR1
2015.04.22 Chang, Rui-Xiang A simple model of the evolution of local spiral galaxies
2015.04.29 Meeting at Jiading LAMOST和SDSS-IV数据讨论会
2015.05.06 Xie, Xiao-Yi The redshift and luminosity dependence of the quasar continuum slope
2015.05.13 Pang, Xiaoying GalevNB: conversion from simulations to observations
2015.05.20 KIAA-SHAO meeting in Beijing
Young Astronomer Forum in Nanjing
2015.05.27 Wang, Youfen L dwarfs discovered in LAMOST low flux spectra
2015.06.03 Li, Zhiyuan Not-so-simple stellar populations in massive star clusters
2015.06.10 Meeting in Nanjing None
2015.06.17 John, Vicker Hypervelocity Stars, Hills Ejecta, and Other Runaways
2015.06.24 Carlin, Jeff What can LAMOST tell us about halo substructure
2015.07.01 Fu, Jian The environment and ram pressure on satellite galaxies in semi-analytic models of galaxy formation
2015.07.08 Meeting in Xinglong None
2015.07.16-31 Summer Holiday None
2015.08.01-15 IAU Meeting in Hawaii None
2015.08.21-28 Meetings in Delingha, Qinghai None
2015.09.02 Advanced Telescope and Instrument
Techonlogy Conference in Taiwan
2015.09.09 Zhong, Jing Open cluster study in the LAMOST DR2
2015.09.16 Feng, Shuai Isolated galaxy triplet
2015.09.23 Yin, Jun How could we recover the SFH from the integrated-light and spectrum?
2015.09.30 Meeting in Weihai None
2015.10.07 National Day Holidays None
2015.10.14 Vicker, John Searching for Substructure in the Milky Way Halo
2015.10.21 Annual Meeting of Chinese
astronomical society in PKU
2015.10.28 None None
2015.11.04 Pang, Xiaoying Starburst-like dust found in Galactic star cluster NGC 3603
2015.11.11 Argudo-Fernandez, Maria Evolution of spiral isolated galaxies with MaNGA
2015.11.18 None None
2015.11.25 Smith, Martin The life and times of the Milky Way as viewed by LAMOST
2015.12.02 Virtual Observatory meeting in Tianshui
MANGA meeting in Beijing
2015.12.09 None None
2015.12.16 None None
2015.12.23 Okamoto, Sakurako A Hyper Suprime-Cam view of the interacting galaxies of the M81 group