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Date Speaker Title
2019.01.23 Shen Shiyin 宇宙学101 pdf
2019.02.23 Shen Shiyin Star formation history pdf
2019.04.10 Fu Jian L-Galaxies2019
2019.04.24 Yuan Zhen Gaia MW science

2019.05.29 Li Lu Algorithms for substructure searching I pdf

2019.06.12 Liu Rongrong Spectral indices in sps pdf
2019.10.23 Chen Li Thick Disk vs Thin Disk in Milky Way
2019.10.31 Hu Guozhen Metallicity and Kinematics of Galactic Disks with APOGEE and the GAIA
2019.11.06 Wang Chun The Chemical Evolution of the MW Discs
2019.11.13 Shan Xingmei Star Clusters in MW
2019.11.13 Ju MT & Shen MT FAST Observation

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