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Hserver is a Linux server(IP:

  • equipped with 4 six-core AMD Opteron 8425HE CPUs running at 2.1 GHz and 48 GB memory,
  • provides httpd service and ftp service.
  • can be connected from public address
  • (administrator: Shiyin Shen)


  • SSH Connection
windows client (MobaXterm)
  • use Hserver(ssh login) as a proxy
For Firefox: use Bitvise SSH client(enable SOCKS/HTTP Proxy Forwarding) + AutoProxy(plugin)[1]
For IE, Privoxy [2]
  • no hostkey alg problem for mac os
update your openssh in your mac, 2 methods
  1. http://www.dctrwatson.com/2013/07/how-to-update-openssh-on-mac-os-x/
  2. using mac port, in terminal type sudo install openssh

ftp service

  • no anonymous login, but can login with our public account "cluster"
  • Or the same username and password as your ssh login
  • ftp root directory: /home/ftp_data

http service

  • This wiki service

personal webpage service

  1. make your home directory readable
    $chmod -R 711 ~
  2. make a public_html directory
    $mkdir ~/public_html
    $chmod -R 755 public_html
  3. build your personal webpage
    $cd ~/public_html
    $cat "hello, world" >> index.html
  4. Deal with Selinux
    $restorecon -R -v ~/public_html
please google .htaccess and .htpasswd

backup service

there is a daily rsync backup: rsync -av /home /bak/home