Galaxies Seminar

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Wednesday 10:30-11:30, Room 1714

Date Speaker Title
2016.03.09 Luo, Rong-Xin The VIRUS-P Exploration of Nearby Galaxies (VENGA): Radial Gas Inflow and Shock Excitation in NGC 1042
2016.11.30 Gan, Zhao-Ming Simulatious on Jet/Bubble Morphology: Reference on Jet Dynamic/ICM weather
2016.12.07 Gao, Feng Measuring the Hubble Constant, SMBH mass and beyond with H2O megamaser disks
2016.12.14 Liu, Bin The effects of Kozai oscillations in various astrophysical systems
2016.12.21 Zhu, Ling (MPIA, Heidelberg) The galactic orbital distribution and dark matter distribution in the local universe
2016.12.23 Wang, Tao (CEA, France) Star formation in the most distant galaxy cluster, and perspectives with SKA
2016.12.28 SKA meeting in SHAO None
2017.01.04 Fu, Xiao-ting (SISSA, Trieste) New PARSEC database of alpha-enhanced stellar evolutionary tracks and isochrones
2017.01.11 Projjwal, Banerjee (Shanghai Jiaotong University) Did a Low-Mass Supernova Trigger the Formation of the Solar System? Clues from Stable Isotopes and 10Be
2017.01.18 Li, Zhen-Zhen Intermediate-Width Emission Lines in Active Galactic Nuclei
2017.03.22 Chen, Ke-Jung (NAOJ, Japan) Lighting up the Universe with the First Cosmic Explosions
2017.05.03 Xu, Dan-Dan (MPIA, Heidelberg) TBD