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SHAO Astrophysics Colloquium

Thursdays 3:00 - 4:00 pm


The Lecture Hall, The Third Floor of Astronomy Building

This is the wiki page for Astrophysics Colloquium at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Summer 2023

Date Speaker Topic Host
Aug 17 Huan Yang (Perimeter Institute & Guelph University) Kilohertz Gravitational-wave Astronomy Wenbiao Han
Aug 28 (special date: 3:00PM) Guido Garay (Universidad de Chile) Astronomy in Chile Tie Liu
Aug 28 (special date: 4:00PM)postphoned 陳明堂 (ASIAA) The Greenland Telescope – Construction, Commissioning, and Operations in Pituffik Zhiqiang Shen

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Topic Host
Sep 14 Enci Wang (USTC) Understanding the galaxy formation and metal-enrichment in the view of gas-regulator framework Hengxiao Guo
Sep 20(special date) Siyuan Chen (PKU) Recent results from Pulsar Timing Arrays Zhiqiang Shen
Sep 28 Cheng Cheng (CASSACA) A JWST/NIRCam View of ALMA Sources Zhenya Zheng
Oct 5 No colloquium (Holiday)
Oct 12
Oct 19(special time: 10:00am) Fukun Liu (PKU) Defu Bu
Oct 26 Junfeng Wang (XMU) Defu Bu
Nov 2 Robert Wittenmyer (Univ. of South Queensland) Hui Zhang
Nov 9 Ruo-Yu Liu (NJU) Fulai Guo
Nov 16 Ming Zeng (THU) Wenfei Yu
Nov 23 Shang-Fei Liu (SYSU) Yaping Li
Nov 30 Zhicheng He (USTC) Fulai Guo
Dec 7
Dec 14
Dec 21 Tinggui Wang (USTC) Hengxiao Guo
Dec 28 Shi Shao (NAOC) Huanyuan Shan
Jan 4 Weihua Lei (HUST) Defu Bu
Jan 11 Cong Yu (SYSU) Yaping Li
Jan 18
Jan 25 Jie Lin (USTC) Wenfei Yu

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