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SHAO Astrophysics Colloquium

Thursdays 3:00 - 4:00 pm

The Lecture Hall, The Third Floor of Astronomy Building

This is the wiki page for Astrophysics Colloquium at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. The colloquium language is usually English, unless otherwise stated (often due to some special reasons). If you would like to give a colloquium or invite someone to give a colloquium at SHAO, please contact one of the current members of the colloquium committee: Fulai Guo, Hong Guo, Juntai Shen.

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Topic Host
March 8 Alex Pettitt (Hokudai) What drives the morphological features of disc galaxies? Juntai Shen
March 15 Lei Hao (SHAO) Galaxy Evolution via 2D Spectroscopy Fulai Guo
March 22 Pengjie Zhang (SJTU) ABS, CMB foreground removal, weak lensing reconstruction by counting galaxies, and beyond Juntai Shen
March 29 Andrzej Zdziarski (Copernicus Astronomical Center) Jets in black-hole binaries Fulai Guo
April 5 No Colloquium Holiday
April 11 Jerry Sellwood (University of Arizona) The Origin of Spirals in Galaxies / time: 2 pm (Wednesday) Juntai Shen
April 19 S. Peng Oh (Univ of California, Santa Barbara) Make it, Shake it, Bake it: Warm Gas in the Circumgalactic Medium Fulai Guo
April 26 Xinwen Shu (Anhui Normal University) Supersoft AGNs: signature of super Eddington accretion, IMBH, TDE or new AGN spectral state? Fulai Guo
May 4 Tinggui Wang (USTC) Friday 3 pm 超大质量黑洞撕裂恒星事件 Juntai Shen
May 10 Zhenya Zheng (SHAO) Probing Cosmic Reionization with Lyman Alpha Galaxies Fulai Guo
May 17 Jian-Min Wang (IHEP) Reverberation Mapping of AGNs Fulai Guo
May 24 Ying Zu (SJTU) Galaxy-Halo Connection for Next Generation Galaxy Surveys Hong Guo
May 31 Tong Liu (Xiamen University) 伽玛暴中心的黑洞超吸积 Fulai Guo
June 7 Qi Guo (NAOC) Galaxy formation in the context of concordance cosmology: confront theory with observations Hong Guo
June 14 Guilin Liu (USTC) Star formation and quasar feedback on galactic scales Fulai Guo
June 21 Jifeng Liu (NAOC) 司天工程 Juntai Shen
June 28 Jingwen Wu (NAOC) Hot dust-obscured galaxies: Catching the maximum SMBH accretion during galaxy evolution Juntai Shen

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Topic Host
Sep 7 Mousumi Das (Indian Institute of Astrophysics) Low Surface Brightness Galaxies - their morphological classes and disk evolution Fulai Guo
Sep 14 Stijn Wuyts (Univ. of Bath) The Growth of Disks and Bulges Fulai Guo
Sep 18 Mike Rich (UC Los Angeles) New Observational Perspectives on the Galaxy's Central Bulge/Bar System Juntai Shen
Sep 21 Sandra Faber (UCSC) Toy model for the growth of black holes and galaxy quenching Juntai Shen
Sep 28 Ji-Wei Xie (Nanjing Univ) The scientific impact of the LAMOST on exoplanet research Fulai Guo
Oct 5 No colloquium (Holidays)
Oct 12 Xiaowei Liu (PKU) The LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of the Galactic Anti-center Fulai Guo
Oct 19 E. (Lia) Athanassoula (LAM) Dynamical and chemical modeling of Milky Way-type galaxies Martin Smith
Oct 26 Xian Chen (PKU) Retrieving the true mass of gravitational-wave sources Hong Guo
Nov 2 Yifu Cai (USTC) Probing the Very Early Universe with CMB Experiments Hong Guo
Nov 9 Tong Liu (Xiamen Univ) cancelled Fulai Guo
Nov 16 Bernhard Brandl (Leiden) Science Goals of the Mid-Infrared Imager and Spectrograph (METIS) at ESO's Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) Fulai Guo
Nov 23 Xu Kong (USTC) Star formation quenching and mass assembly of galaxies Hong Guo
Nov 30 Xiaohu Yang (SJTU) Mapping the real space distribution of galaxies Juntai Shen
Dec 7 Jinlin Han (NAOC) 银河系结构与磁场研究的新结果 Juntai Shen
Dec 13 Jian Ge (Univ of Florida) Searching for Habitable Worlds Using Artificial Intelligence (special time: 10:30 am) Fulai Guo
Dec 14 Yong Shi (Nanjing Univ) Star Formation Across Cosmic Time Hong Guo
Dec 21 note: cancelled due to SKA meeting
Dec 28 Liang Gao (NAOC) 暗物质天文学研究 Juntai Shen
Jan 4 Daniel Wang (Univ of Massachusetts) The Galactic Center Ecosystem Fulai Guo
Jan 11 Hua Feng (Tsinghua) Ultraluminous X-ray Sources Fulai Guo
Jan 18 Zheng Zheng (Univ of Utah) The Curious Case of Lyman-alpha Emitting Galaxies Hong Guo
Jan 25 Shiyin Shen (SHAO) The dust along the line-of-sight to extra-galactic objects Fulai Guo

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Topic Host
Feb 16 Christine Wilson (McMaster) Observing Galaxies with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) Ting Xiao, Fulai Guo
Feb 23 No Colloquium
March 2 James Stone (Princeton) cancelled Feng Yuan, Fulai Guo
March 9 Di Li (NAOC) An Unprecedented Commensal Drift-Scan Survey with FAST Fulai Guo
March 16 Yipeng Jing (SJTU) 星系红移巡天 Juntai Shen
March 23 Alok Gupta (ARIES/SHAO) Multi-wavelength Time Domain Astronomy:

To Probe the Environs of Central Super Massive Black Hole of Blazars

Fulai Guo
March 30 Pengfei Chen (NJU) Observations and Modeling of Solar Coronal Waves Fu-Guo Xie
April 6 Jun Lin (Yunnan Observatories) Lin-Forbes Model for the Solar Eruption and the CME/Flare Current Sheet Juntai Shen
April 11 James Binney (Oxford) Special Colloquium: How did our Galaxy form? Martin Smith
April 13 Martin Bureau (Oxford) 3D Observations of Molecular Gas in Galaxies: From Global Dynamics to Supermassive Black Holes Juntai Shen
April 20 Xiaofeng Wang (Tsinghua) Supernova Zoo: Obervations and Theories Juntai Shen
April 27 Xi Kang (PMO) Galaxy formation and spatial alignment Fu-Guo Xie
May 4 Wei Cui (Tsinghua/Purdue) Probing Missing Baryons with X-ray Spectroscopy Juntai Shen
May 11 Xuefeng Wu (PMO) Testing Fundamental Physics With Fast Radio Bursts Fu-Guo Xie
May 18 Zigao Dai (NJU) Models for Fast Radio Bursts and Future Astrophysical Tests Fu-guo Xie
May 25 Zhanwen Han (Yunnan Observatories) Binary population synthesis and the formation of binary-related objects Juntai Shen
June 1 Jin Chang (PMO) 空间探测暗物质粒子 Fulai Guo
June 8 Linhua Jiang (KIAA/PKU) Properties of Spectroscopically-Confirmed Galaxies at z >= 6 Fu-Guo Xie
June 15 Qiang Yuan (PMO) Cosmic ray physics and dark matter searches with AMS-02 Fulai Guo
June 22 Junxian Wang (USTC) The UV/Optical Variation in Active Galactic Nuclei Fulai Guo
June 29 Xiang-Yu Wang (NJU) Multi-messenger approach to study the origin of high-energy cosmic rays Fu-Guo Xie

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Topic Host
Oct 20 Weiguang Cui (ICRAR/UWA) The MACRO simulated galaxy cluster project: The final chapter Fu-Guo Xie
Oct 27 Jun Zhang (CAA/SJTU) Recent Progress in Weak Lensing Measurement Fu-Guo Xie
Oct 28 Sandra Faber (UCSC) Fast vs. Slow: Galaxy Death at z ~ 2 vs. z ~ 0 (NEW TIME: 10 am) Fulai Guo
Nov 3 Neal Evans (UT Austin) What Determines Star Formation Rates? Fulai Guo
Nov 10 Richard (Dick) Manchester (CSIRO) Pulsars and FRBs: Recent Developments Fulai Guo
Nov 17 Houjun Mo (Tsinghua/UMass) Reconstructing the initial conditions to simulate the formation of the local universe Juntai Shen
Nov 24 Bin Luo (Nanjing Univ.) Cosmic Supermassive Black Hole Growth in the 7 Ms CDF-S Fulai Guo
Dec 1 Youjun Lu (NAOC) A short introduction to gravitational wave and gravitational wave astrophysics Fulai Guo
Dec 8 Peter Scicluna (ASIAA) Comparing radiative transfer models and observations of astrophysical dust Lei Hao
Dec 15 Siming Liu (PMO) Acceleration of high-energy particles in supernova remnants Fulai Guo
Dec 22 Shuang-Nan Zhang (IHEP) Testing Einstein’s Equivalent Principle with Fast Radio Bursts and

the Problem of Detecting Electromagnetic Waves from Merging Black Holes

Fulai Guo
Dec 29 Xiang-Dong Li (Nanjing Univ) Formation of Galactic Black Hole Low-Mass X-ray Binaries Fulai Guo
Jan 5, 2017 Shude Mao (Tsinghua/NAOC) Is the IMF Universal in Galaxies? A MaNGA View Fulai Guo
Jan 12, 2017 Luis Ho (KIAA/Peking) Some Unsolved Problems in Black Hole - Galaxy Coevolution Fulai Guo
Jan 19, 2017 Richard de Grijs (KIAA) Not-so-simple stellar populations in nearby, resolved massive star clusters Fulai Guo NEW TIME: 1:30 pm