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SHAO Astrophysics Colloquium

Thursdays 3:00 - 4:00 pm


The Lecture Hall, The Third Floor of Astronomy Building

This is the wiki page for Astrophysics Colloquium at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Spring 2024

Date Speaker Topic Host
Mar 7 Yesuf Hassen (SHAO) Deciphering the Complexity of Nearby Galaxies: Insights from Statistical Analysis of Observations and Cosmological Simulations
Mar 14 Zhen Pan (TDLI) Improving the detection sensitivity to primordial gravitational waves with reduced astrophysical backgrounds Yaping Li
Mar 21 Hiromichi Tagawa (SHAO) Observational Signatures of Compact Object Mergers in Active Galactic Nuclei
Mar 28 Nan Li (NAOC) Astronomy in the big data era: exploring galaxy morphology with citizen science and machine learning - a case study Shiyin Shen
Apr 4 No colloquium (Holiday)
Apr 11
Apr 18
Apr 25
May 2 No colloquium (Holiday)
May 9
May 16
May 23
May 30
Jun 6
Jun 13
Jun 20
Jun 27
Jul 4
Jul 11
Jul 18
Jul 25

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