Seminar Plan(2021)

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2nd semester

Date Speaker Title
2021.8.25 Rafael S. de Souza Astrostatistics Tips pdf
2021.9.26 JingCheng Yu CUDA pdf
2021.11.17 Rongrong Liu Stellar Populations of Nuclear Star Clusters pptx
2021.12.29 Shiyin Shen size of galaxies pdf

1st semester

File:Astrostats tips.pdf
Date Speaker Title
2021.3.3 Fu Jian Simulation and emulation of 21cm HI signals for SKA
2021.3.24 Zhengyi Shao Using the Gaia parallax correctly - The importance and the composition of the parallax uncertainty


2021.3.31 Rongrong Liu MaNGA_map File
2021.4.16 Lu Li HDBSCAN pdf
2021.4.21 Shiyin Shen deep exposure, multiple exposure and stacking pdf
2021.4.23 Li Chen Dias open cluster catalog File
2021.5.7 Mi Chen CNN pdf
2021.5.26 Jiafeng Lu Attenuation & Effective optical depth pptx
2021.7.14 Weijia Sun Stellar Rotation download
2021.9.8 Mengting Ju A story about IZw 18download