Seminar Plan(2020)

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2nd semester

Date Speaker Title
2020.09.09 Shen Shiyin What determines metallicity of galaxies? [1]
2020.09.16 Liu Rongrong Fitting the integrated spectral energy distributions of galaxies

1st semester

Date Speaker Title
2020.01.08 Liu Rongrong Prospector and Prior in the non-parametric SFH
2020.01.15 Shen Shiyin How to model the spectrum of a galaxy pdf file
2020.03.18 Shen Mengting Galaxy Morphology and Gas Content
2020.03.25 Lu Jiafeng Dust Attenuation Curve
2020.04.08 Shen Shiyin Compact Galaxy Systems in LAMOST
2020.04.17 Li Zhaozhou(SJTU) Mass Profile of the Milky Way
2020.04.22 Zhang Shuhui Star Clusters
2020.04.29 Zhang Xi Open Cluster in LAMOST-MRS
2020.05.06 Zhao Donghai Intro of Cosmology & Dark Matter
2020.05.13 Zhang Wenjing Abundance Gradient of the Milky Way
2020.05.20 Zheng Yunliang Dynamics Properties of Compact Groups
2020.05.27 Zhong Jing Age of Stellars
2020.06.03 Zhong Wenxin Radial Profile of Hot Gas
2020.06.10 Rafael S. de Souza Catalyzing Interdisciplinarity pdf file