Seminar Plan(2018)

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Date Speaker Title
2018.03.21 Liu Rongrong Non-parametric Analysis of Stellar Mass and Star Formation Timescale pdf
2018.04.18 Feng Shuai From Pair to Merger
2018.06.27 Feng Shuai SDSS-IV总结 A
Ju Mengting SDSS-IV总结 B
Lu Jiafeng SDSS-IV总结 C
2018.07.11 Shen Shiyin AGN Feedback
2018.08.15 Lu Jiafeng 星际物理与化学
2018.08.22 Lu Jiafeng 密度估计
Huang Yiqi 统计推断
Ju Mengting Regression, Regression by Eric Feigelson
2018.08.29 Wang Haifeng (YNU) Rediscovering the outskirts of the Galactic disk with Gaia+LAMOST (GaMOST)
2018.09.05 Yuan Fangting 高红移SMG的证认与LBG的测光光谱性质
2018.09.12 Fu Jian Brief summary of IAU conference in Wien
2018.09.30 Yin Jun SFH of dwarf galaxies in the LG