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MaNGA workshop 2019 May/24




1. How to bin MaNGA spectra

(1) Average flux (current method)

(2) Maybe. using S/N as weight?

2. Generate a wiki page, upload emission line mask program (Shiyin Shen)

3. Current projects

Fangting: Spatially resolved star formation history of Mrk848, difference between star and gas extinction in mergers

Shiyin: Stellar population fitting, embed chemical evolution models to the fitting method

Huan: Halpha/Hbeta line ratio (still in preparation)

Jun & Mengting: BCD galaxies, stellar population

Ramya: LSB galaxies, mass-metallicity relation, SFR-mass relation

2-3 index to get stellar metallicity

Ting: Properties of Mid-infrared bright galaxies, using Halpha, Hdelta & D4000 to study star formation history of Mergers