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advisor: Zhanwen Han

Download the PPT [1]

Photometry of overlapping galaxy pairs

Overlapping pair.png
advisor: Shiyin Shen[2]
collaborator: Shuai Feng (postgraduate student)

Galaxy pair is a kind of self-gravitational system, which contains two member galaxies. Because of simplest configuration, galaxy pairs are very useful to study the interaction effect, such as merge, tidal force, dynamic fiction. However, projected effect often causes overlapping in galaxy pairs, especially in compact pairs. That seriously biases photometric parameters due to comtamination of each star light and obstructs further study about galaxy pairs. So how to get rid of overlapping influence has become a very important task. More accurate photometry of overlapping galaxy pairs will be more helpful for future research.

Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) of Brown Dwarfs

advisor: Zhengyi Shao

Searching of cluster structures in multiple sky survey data

advisor: Zhengyi Shao


Zhang kaiqi