Be star catalog

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1918-hd1catalog.fits III/135A                          Henry Draper Catalogue and Extension (Cannon+ 1918-1924; ADC 1989) 272150 rows
1995-hd2catalog.fits III/182                           HDE Charts: positions, proper motions (Nesterov+ 1995)  88883 rows
1982-jas82-1159.txt  III/67A                           Catalogue of Be stars
1997-koh97-4174.txt  III/205                           H-alpha Stars in Northern Milky Way
2001-yud01-0628.txt  J/A+A/368/912                     Polarization and rotational velocities of Be stars
2002-men02-1019.txt  J/A+A/393/887                     SMC Be stars candidates
2005-sab05-2446.txt  J/MNRAS/361/1055                  BVI photometry of LMC Be stars
2005-zha05-1185.txt  J/other/NewA/10.325               2MASS observations of Be stars 
2006-wis06-0530.txt  J/ApJ/652/458                     BVRHα photometry of candidates Be stars
2007-nei07-2072.txt    The BeSS database contains the complete catalog of CBe stars and Herbig Ae/Be stars
2007-wis07-0368.txt  J/ApJ/671/2040                    Polarisation of candidates Be stars
2009-mcs09-0296.txt  J/ApJ/700/1216                    Spectroscopy of Be stars in open clusters
2010-sil10-0069.txt  J/ApJS/187/228                    Hα profiles of Be stars 
2011-mat11-0150.txt  J/other/BASI/39.517               Spectroscopy of classical Be stars
2012-mar12-0104.txt  J/AJ/144/158                      Properties of B and Be stars in h and χ Persei
2012-pau12-0102.txt  J/MNRAS/421/3622/stars            Candidate Be stars in the Magellanic Clouds
2013-cat13-0049.txt  J/A+A/550/A79/stars               Hα and Hβ lines of northern Be stars
2014-sab14-0213.txt  J/PASP/126/219                    Southern Galactic Be star candidates
2015-cho15-0261.txt  J/AJ/149/7                        SDSS-III/APOGEE. I. Be stars
2015-lin15-0180.txt  2015arXiv150507290L               Searching for Classical Be Stars from the LAMOST DR1          
2015-rad15-0248.txt  J/MNRAS/446/274                   A deep catalogue of classical Be stars
2015-yup15-0058.txt  2015AJ....149...43Y               Searching for Be Stars in the Open Cluster NGC 663
2015-lin15-all.txt   11266                             Merge all Be star catalogs