2017 publications

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First author

  1. The Galactic extinction and reddening from the South Galactic Cap U-band Sky Survey: u band galaxy number counts and u−r color distribution
    Linlin Li, Shiyin Shen, Jinliang Hou, Fangting Yuan, Jing Zhong et al., 2017, AJ, 153, 88(ADS)
  2. Population gradient in Sextans dSph: Comprehensive mapping of a dwarf galaxy by Suprime-Cam
    Okamoto, S. et al., 2017, MNRAS, 467, 208 (ADS)
  3. Why do disk galaxies present a common gas-phase metallicity gradient?
    Chang, R., Zhang, Shuhui, Shen, Shiyin, Yin, Jun, and Hou, Jinliang , 2017, IAUS 321, 134 (ADS)
  4. The atomic gas in outer disks in semi-analytic models of galaxy formation, 2017IAUS..321..131F
    Fu Jian, Luo, Yu
  5. Cold gas in the models of galaxy formation and evolution, 2017SSPMA..47d9802F
    Fu, Jian
  6. Bayesian Inference of Kinematics and Mass Segregation of Open Cluster?
    Shao, Z.,Xie, X.,Chen, L.,Zhong, J.,Hou, J.,Lin, C.-C. , 2017, IAUS 316, 265 (ADS)


  1. The Hyper Suprime-Cam SSP Survey: Overview and survey design
    Aihara, Hiroaki et al. (incl. Okamoto, Sakurako), 2018, PASJ, 70, 4 (ADS)
  2. Spectral classification and composites of galaxies in LAMOST DR4
    Wang, Li-Li, Luo, A.-Li, Shen, Shi-Yin, et al.,, MNRAS, 2018, 474, 1873 (ADS)
  3. The Identification of the White Dwarf Companion to the Millisecond Pulsar J2317+1439
    Dai, S.; Smith, M. C.; Wang, S.; Okamoto, S.; Xu, R. X.; Yue, Y. L.; Liu, J. F., 2017, ApJ, 842, 105
  4. Star formation history of the galaxy merger Mrk848 with SDSS-IV MaNGA
    Yuan, Fang-Ting, Shen, Shiyin, Hao, Lei, and Fernandez, Maria Argudo, 2017, IAUS, 321, 304 (ADS)
  5. 球状动力学系统的基本面——从椭圆星系到球状星团
    庞晓莹,沈世银,《天文学进展》,2017, 4, 389 pdf
  6. Integrated HI emission in galaxy groups and clusters, 2017RAA....17..101A
    Ai, Mei; Zhu, Ming; Fu, Jian