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First author

  1. Isolated Galaxies versus Interacting Pairs with MaNGA
    Argudo-Fernández, María; Yuan, Fangting; Shen, Shiyin; Yin, Jun; Chang, Ruixiang; Feng, Shuai, 2015, Galaxies, 3, 156(ADS)
  2. Catalogues of isolated galaxies, isolated pairs, and isolated triplets in the local Universe
    Argudo-Fernández, María; et al., 2015, A&A, 578A, 110A(ADS)
  3. Reconstructing the Accretion History of the Galactic Stellar Halo from Chemical Abundance Ratio Distributions
    Lee, Duane M.; et al. 2015, ApJ, 802, 48 (ADS)
  4. Searching for classical Be stars in LAMOST DR1
    Lin, Chien-Cheng; Hou, Jin-Liang; Chen, Li; Shao, Zheng-Yi; Zhong, Jing; Yu, Po-Chieh, 2015, RAA, 15, 1325 (ADS)
  5. A Hyper Suprime-Cam View of the Interacting Galaxies of the M81 Group
    Okamoto, Sakurako et al.; 2015, ApJL, 809, L1 (ADS)
  6. Red Runaways: Hypervelocity Stars, Hills Ejecta and Other Outliers in the F-M Star Regime
    Vickers, John J.; Smith, Martin C.; Grebel, Eva K.; 2015, AJ, 150, 77 (ADS)
  7. An Apparent Redshift Dependence of Quasar Continuum: Implication for Cosmic Dust Extinction?
    Xie, Xiaoyi; Shen, Shiyin; Shao, Zhengyi; Yin, Jun, 2015, ApJL, 802,16 (ADS)
  8. M-giant star candidates identified in LAMOST DR 1
    Zhong, Jing; Lépine, Sébastien; Li, Jing; Chen, Li; Hou, Jin-Liang, et al., 2015, RAA, 15, 1154(ADS)
  9. Automated Identification of 2612 Late-K and M Dwarfs in the LAMOST Commissioning Data Using Classification Template Fits
    Zhong, Jing; Lépine, Sébastien; Hou, Jinliang; Shen, Shiyin et al., 2015, AJ, 150, 42(ADS)
  10. 双城记—星系并合和星系对
    沈世银,袁方婷,侯金良, 2015,《物理》,4, 152 (cnki)


  1. Gravitational Microlensing by Neutron Stars and Radio Pulsars: Event Rates, Timescale Distributions, and Mass Measurements
    Dai, S.; Smith, M. C.; Lin, M. X.; Yue, Y. L.; Hobbs, G.; Xu, R. X.; 2015, ApJ, 802, 120 (ADS)
  2. 3D cluster members and near-infrared distance of open cluster NGC 6819
    Gao Xin-Hua; Xu, Shou-Kun; Chen, Li, 2015, RAA, 15, 2193 (ADS)
  3. Discovery of high-velocity EHB stars in the globular cluster ω Centauri (NGC 5139)
    Gao Xin-Hua; Xu, Shou-Kun; Chen, Li, 2015, RAA, 15, 1639, (ADS)
  4. The evolution of interacting spiral galaxy NGC 5194
    Kang, Xiaoyu; Chang, Ruixiang; Zhang, Fenghui; Cheng, Liantao; Wang,Lang,2015,MNRAS,449,414 (ADS)
  5. The star formation history of low-mass disk galaxies: A case study of NGC 300
    Kang, Xiaoyu; Zhang, Fenghui; Chang, Ruixiang; Wang,Lang; Cheng, Liantao; 2015, A&A, 585, 20 (ADS)
  6. Using member galaxy luminosities as halo mass proxies of galaxy groups
    Lu, Yi; Yang, Xiaohu; Shen, Shiyin, 2015, ApJL, 804, 55 (ADS)
  7. Resonant Orbits and the High Velocity Peaks Towards the Bulge
    Molloy, Matthew; Smith, Martin C.; Evans, N. Wyn; Shen, Juntai; 2015, ApJ, in press (ADS)
  8. Resonant Clumping and Substructure in Galactic Disks
    Molloy, Matthew; Smith, Martin C.; Shen, Juntai; Wyn Evans, N.; 2015, ApJ, 804, 80 (ADS)
  9. An extended view of the Pisces Overdensity from the SCUSS survey
    Nie, J.D.; Smith, M. C.; et al; 2015, ApJ, 810, 153 (ADS)
  10. Fixing the reference frame for PPMXL proper motions using extragalactic sources
    Grabowski, Kathleen et al.; 2015, RAA, 15, 849 (ADS)
  11. Photometric metallicity calibration with SDSS and SCUSS and its application to distant stars in the south Galactic cap
    Gu, J. et al., 2015, MNRAS, 452, 3092(ADS)
  12. The discovery of 64 luminous infrared galaxies in the LAMOST Complete Spectroscopic Survey of Pointing Area at the Southern Galactic Cap
    Lam, M. et al., 2015, RAA, 15, 1424 (ADS)
  13. The first data release (DR1) of the LAMOST regular survey
    Luo, A., et al. (including: Chen, Li; Hou, Jinliang; Lin, Chien-Cheng; Shen, Shiyin), 2015, RAA, 15, 1095(ADS)
  14. An Investigation of the Absolute Proper Motions of the SCUSS Catalog
    Peng, Xiyan et al., 2015, PASP, 127, 250 (ADS)
  15. Rings and Radial Waves in the Disk of the Milky WAY
    Xu, Yan et al.; 2015, ApJ, 801, 105(ADS)
  16. A sample of E+A galaxy candidates in the Second Data Release of LAMOST Survey
    Yang, H. et al., 2015, 15,1414 RAA (ADS)
  17. Capability of Quasar Selection by Combining SCUSS and SDSS Observations
    Zhou, H. et al., 2015,PASP,127,94 (ADS)
  18. Searching for Be Stars in the Open Cluster NGC 663
    Yu, Po-Chieh; Lin, Chien-Cheng; et al., 2015, AJ, 149, 43 (ADS)
  19. An H I view of galaxy conformity: H I-rich environment around H I-excess galaxies
    Wang, Jing et al., 2015, 453, 2399W MNRAS (ADS)
  20. Galaxy Formation & Dark Matter Modelling in the Era of the Square Kilometre Array
    Power, C et al., 2015aska.confE.133P (ADS)