2014 publications

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First author

  • The Nearest High-velocity Stars Revealed by LAMOST Data Release 1[1]
Zhong, Jing; Chen, Li et al., ApJ, 2014, 789,2
  • The Statistical Nature of the Brightest Group Galaxies [2]
Shen, Shiyin; Yang, Xiaohu et al., 2014,ApJ,782,23
  • Parallaxes of Five L Dwarfs with a Robotic Telescope[3]
Wang, Y.; Jones, H. R. A.; Smart, R. L.; Marocco, F.; Pinfield, D. J.; Shao, Z. et al., 2014,PASP,126,15
  • Properties of abundance gradient along the Galactic disk and the role of LAMOST[4]
J.L. Hou, L. Chen, J.C. Yu, J. Sellwood and C. Pryor, 2014, IAUS, 298,304
  • 星系中球状星团的形成与演化[5]
甘建铃,刘成则,沈世银,侯金良, 2014,《天文学进展》, 32, 54
  • 阻尼莱曼α吸收线系统研究进展(II)[6]
侯金良,尹君,傅承启, 2014, 《天文学进展》,32,182


  • An observational and theoretical view of the radial distribution of H I gas in galaxies[7]
Wang, Jing; Fu, Jian et al., 2014,MNRAS,441,2159
  • RR Lyrae in XSTPS: The halo density profile in the North Galactic Cap[8]
L. Faccioli, M. C. Smith et al.,2014,ApJ,788,105
  • Measuring the X-ray luminosities of SDSS DR7 clusters from ROSAT All Sky Survey[9]
Wang, Lei; Yang, Xiaohu; Shen, Shiyin et al., 2014,MNRAS, 439, 611
  • Estimation of absolute magnitude-dependent Galactic model parameters in intermediate latitude with SDSS and SCUSS[10]
Jia et al., 2014,MNRAS,441, 503
  • A search for double-peaked narrow emission line galaxies and AGNs in the LAMOST DR1[11]
Shi et al., 2014, RAA, 14, 1234
  • Precession of the Sagittarius stream[12]
Belokurov et al,2014,MNRAS,437,116
  • The K Giant Stars from the LAMOST Survey Data. I. Identification, Metallicity, and Distance[13]
Liu C. et al.,2014,ApJL,790,110