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First Author

  • Star formation and metallicity gradients in semi-analytic models of disc galaxy formation[1]
Fu et al. 2013MNRAS.434.1531F
  • The roles of atomic and molecular gas on the redshift evolution of star formation and metallicity in galaxy formation models[2]
Fu, Jian; Kauffmann, Guinevere 2013IAUS..292..245F
  • Using L dwarfs with distances to test models[3]
Wang, Youfen; Jones, H. R. A.; Smart, R. L.; Shao, Z., 2013IAUS..289..425W
  • 一种新的疏散星团成员判定方法[4]
  • 银盘径向丰度梯度及冷气体的演化
陈麒似,常瑞香,尹君. 2013,天文学报


  • New Estimates of the Inclination, Position Angle, Pitch Angle, and Scale Height of the Whirlpool Galaxy[5]
Hu, Tao; Shao, Zhengyi; Peng, Qiuhe, 2013ApJ...762L..27H
  • Disk thickness and spiral arm structure of M31[6]
Hu, Tao; Shao, Zhengyi; Wang, Min; Peng, Qiuhe, 2013NewA...23...49H

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