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First author

  • The Tilt between Acretion Disk and Stellar Disk[1]
Shen, Shiyin; Shao, Zhengyi; Gu, Minfeng, 2011, JAA, 32, 197
  • Rapid Dynamical Mass Segregation and Properties of Fractal Star Clusters[2]
Yu, Jincheng; de Grijs, Richard; Chen, Li 2011, ApJ, 732, 16
  • Chemical Evolution of Dwarf Irregular and Blue Compact Galaxies[3]
Yin, Jun.; Matteucci, F.; & Vladilo, G. 2011, A&A, 531, 136
  • 同等质量下盘状星系的颜色-尺度关系[4]
付炜,常瑞香,沈世银,张波, 2011, 天文学报, 1, 152
  • 基于SDSS-DR8及2MASS数据的疏散星团NGC 6791的基本性质研究[5]
高新华, 陈力,2011, 天文学报, 52, 265
  • 红团簇巨星的绝对星等及其在天体测距方面的应用[6]
高新华, 陈力, 侯金良, 赵君亮, 天文学进展, 2011, 29, 31
  • 本星系群旋涡星系盘的化学演化及恒星形成历史的研究[7]
尹君. 2011, 天文学报, 03期, 260


  • The Galactic Structure and Stellar Population in the CFHTLS Wide Fields[8]
Xiao, Q. B.; Shu, C. G.; Luo, Z. J.; Shao, Z. Y.; Shen, S. Y., 2011, ASPC, 446, 169
  • Silicon depletion in damped Ly α systems: The S/Zn method[9]
Vladilo, G.; Abate, C.; Yin, J.; Cescutti G.; & Matteucci F. 2011, A&A, 530, 33
  • COLD GASS, an IRAM legacy survey of molecular gas in massive galaxies - I. Relations between H2, H I, stellar content and structural properties[10]
Saintonge, Amélie et al. 2011MNRAS.415...32S
  • COLD GASS, an IRAM legacy survey of molecular gas in massive galaxies - II. The non-universality of the molecular gas depletion time-scale[11]
Saintonge, Amélie et al. 2011MNRAS.415...61S
  • Orbital-Period Variations and Photometric Analysis for the Neglected Contact Binary EH Cancri[12]
Yang, Y.-G.; Shao, Z.-Y.; Pan, H.-J.; Yin, X.-G., 2011PASP..123..895Y

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