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Note: This wiki is no longer being updated, which was previously maintained by Martin Smith. The information is (mostly) correct as of 2018, but any important issues should be double-checked with the current admin staff.

If you want to maintain this page, please contact with Shiyin Shen(

The purpose of this wiki page is to provide information for international members of SHAO so they can feel more comfortable and at home in Shanghai. The wiki has moderators for each category below. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email the moderator. Comments can be added to the wiki using italics (formatted using ''italic''), but please be sure to also notify the moderator.


Daily Life At Work - Institute Information; who's who in terms of secretaries (for different groups) and various points of contact; coffee, colloquia and seminars; Funding sources (salary & research money); etc

Computing - Computing tips, for example setting up email and remote access to your desktop machine, etc.

Travel - Information related to travelling with work: what do I need to prepare in advance; what to collect abroad; per diem; how to claim... Also includes general comments on reimbursements.

Arrival - Bureaucratic procedures related to starting work in Shanghai, including PhD certificate authentication

Leaving - Steps needed to undertake before leaving SHAO

Daily Life Outside Work - Everything else: Hospital info & health insurance; Pharmacies; Nearby facilities (restaurants and shops); Life in the SHAO dormitory, etc....

Transport - Getting around in Shanghai

Finding Accommodation - Finding a place to live in Shanghai

Chinese Holidays - The various national holidays in China and vacations at SHAO

Useful Links[edit] - Shanghai Observatory Webpage - Good resource for what's happening in Shanghai and information for foreigners - Resource for what's happening in Shanghai and information for foreigners - Forums for expats in Shanghai - Rough Guide to Shanghai - Lonely Planet Shanghai - China income tax calculator - China Railway BUT better to download the app and book tickets there BUT remember to pick them up before travel and that this might take 30+ mins